Jackets are the most famous Fashion adapt by men and women. Its popularity is increasing as its usage is getting increased in Hollywood movies. People are trying to be more like their famous celebrities. It is not wrong if we say jacket are the symbol of style and grace. There is wide range available in leather jackets basically black and brown are most common colors in leather jackets but it comes in various shades as well.

History of leather is acquainted as the ancient people used to wrap themselves with animals skin to stay warm in winters. But leather jackets came to in styling outfits in 1900’s when aviators and military person started wearing brown leather jackets. During the Second World War jackets were known as bomber jackets to stay warm and these jackets were also worn by pilots for protection in extreme weathers.

Trend of leather jackets increased when in Hollywood started to adapt leather jackets as styling. The leather jacket is more popular now than ever before with mainstream audiences. We saw a major growth in 2014 in usage of leather jackets, and it’s been consistently hot since then. According to old school leather jackets were occupied by motorcycle gang and rock stars but now the popularity of leather jackets has been increased in almost all categories of mankind. All you need is a sense of irony without taking yourself too seriously.

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