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About us

Famous Movie Jackets has one of the most humblest of starts which we make sure reflects in all of the produces that go from our store. Our motive from the start has been to fill the gap between the stars and their followers by providing them with the best possible leather jackets solution so that the fans can feel more like the one whom they have adored for all of their life. We started as a small venture and only distributed handmade leather jackets in our local area and seeing the support that we got from there, we expanded our business to all of the states and later to all of America through e-commerce and now we find ourselves in the extraordinary position to claim that leather jackets made by us have been used in all of the continents of the world.

You certainly do not need to get deluded by our name "Famous Movie Jackets" we do not only specialize in providing jackets that have a huge fan following but also consistently come up with our very own ideas so that we can provide you with the best possible collection to choose from. Famous Movie Jackets have the tradition of using only the best raw material as we believe only the best raw material can give the finesse we are looking for in a leather jacket. Our leather jackets are ensuring to be stitched to perfection and are made with the perfect blend so that it is not only trendy but is also very comfortable to wear. There is one thing that we can guarantee you and that is at Famous Movie Jackets, there is no compromise on the quality and as such, you would always get the best of the jacket. As each and every leather jacket is made by skillful labor, you can assure yourself that once you make a purchase from our store, you will get the best in quality that (if used and cared properly) will last for many years.
Over the years, we have found that there is only one thing that ensures your success and that is a contented customer base. We have been striving real hard to make get to 100% satisfaction mark and make no mistake; we are not very far away from that. With over 98% satisfaction rate, we are one of the America's favorite brand and have been striving really hard to become the favorite brand of North America and since we know the recipe to success, we believe we are not very far away from achieving our dream.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our well-wishers and fans for their tremendous support and love because we believe we exist because of them. They are the stepping stones in our success story and they are the ones who have kept us alive in all these years.

For all those who are here for the first time, we would like you to take a stroll at our store and look at the collection as we are sure that once you do that, you will not only e impressed but will fall for the jackets.


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