Anna Kendrick Noelle Red Jacket

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Product Specifications:

Soft Wool Blend
Eye Pleasing Red Color
Open Closure
Red Furr
Cropped Style

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Material: Wool


Christmas Anna Kendrick Noelle Red Winter Jacket

Being an artist, Anna Kendrick never hesitates to wear any clothing. She is daring or conventional when performing any persona, she always takes good care of her outfits. This is obvious in Noelle, a movie about Christmas. She wore clothes while playing Noelle Clause that was appropriate for her role and could fulfill her sense of style. Anna Kendrick's Noelle Kringle Red Jacket is a perfect example of her talent and sense of fashion.

Theresa Kringle Alyson Kendrick The Noelle Red Wool Jacket is available in a striking red shade. This coat has a turn-down collar and a button-front closure. It is a luxurious item for the Christmas celebration. Sizzling fur cuffs are seen on the full-length sleeves. The viscose interior and exterior of the wool make it snug and soft to the touch. This jacket looks beautiful and is neither too short nor too long.