Black & Red Men's Biker Leather Jacket

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Product Specifications:

Color: Black and Red
Biker style
slim fit in looks
pure leather made rare bases
ultra tech stitching technique used
high demand
fine stitching
round neck collar
YKK zipper
Shipping $60 for biker jackets
Shipping time 10 to 12 days only for this jacket

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Material: Real Leather


Black & Red Men's Biker Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been the dynamic symbol of complete clothing and style since the start of their introduction in this world without any hesitation we can say that the next third wear of this jacket is completely aware of the thing fashion and style in their own point of view for sure.Actually the main concept is almost same but it can be called too unique for now.The leather jackets have several styles and designs which came up and off with time and people demand.But there are some leather clothes or we can say some fashion which never fades away and still high in demand just because of their glamorous style and complete looks.Biker leather jacket is a part of this thing for sure which brings complete revolution in this world of complete leather jackets fashion bringing red and black in color now with pure leather made round neck collar and zipped buckle closure in front with ultra shiny in looks making it too attractive with the name of Black & Red Men's Biker Leather Jacket.Buy it now before its too late.