BMW Compaq White Motorcycle Leather Jacket

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Leather jacket pure
White and blue in color
Complete finishing
BMW cool logo
Full sleeves
Round neck buckle collar
YKK zipper in front for closure

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Material: Faux -50


BMW Compaq White Biker Jacket

BMW the German company famous for producing one of the best automobiles in the work with such unique distinctive quality in their products. The one being can identify their product from first look well first from their BMW logo and secondly their best quality that is unique in all. Like its engines works, Like its bodysuits, Like its seats are comfortable and all the excellent luxurious which BMW provides to their customers.

We at a famous movie jacket will provide you with all these comforts in a way of giving this BMW Compaq White Motorcycle Jacket the apart thing of all like BMW Cars and bikes. We will provide you what BMW provides in way of giving BMW Compaq Biker Jacket at a reasonable price. It features a round neck buckle collar, a White shiny color with Compaq and BMW logo on its chest side, and a narrow zip on its sleeves. Buy it now !!