Bridget Moynahan I Robot Black Jacket

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Inspiration: Bridget Moynahan.
color: Black
Supreme quality
Best leather made
High neck collar
Zipper closure in front
Fitting style

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Material: Faux -50


Bridget Moynahan I Robot Black Jacket

This black shiny leather look style jacket was worn by the legend Bridget Moynahan.Its quality is just above the scale for you now.We famous movie jackets keeps our open related to quality thing for our customers and tries to ensure those clothes which are long lasting for them.We do not want one to regret after buying a single thing from us.Keeping all these thing in mind we introduce Bridget Moynahan I Robot Jacket for you which is new in style differentiating your looks in one and it will add a shine in your physique too.It features with shiny black collar full sleeves made,zipper closure in front and top ultra fitting look.