Colonial Warrior Battlestar Galactica Pilot Brown Jacket

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TV Series: Battlestar Galactica
Color: Brown, Black,
Suede Leather
Front Button Closure
Suede Leather
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Material: Suede


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Colonial Warrior Battlestar Galactica Pilot Brown Jacket

Battlestar Galactica Lovers, we got news for you! Aren't you usually fawning over the jackets of the Viper pilots? The bad-ass viper pilots who are capable of destroying entire fleets have had their jackets ready for you!

The jacket with the Battle Star logo on its sleeve and the chest will definitely enhance your looks and it can cope up with the weather along with the looks. It fits on you like a second skin. You can finally fulfill your dream of being a member of the elite force you always had drooled over by wearing this jacket. Shouldn't you be destroying fleets by now