Cyclone Weise Biker Black & Blue Jacket

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Product Specifications :

Color: Black and Blue
decent cloth
patch and zip closure
complete fitting
best stitching technique used
pure piece away from any fake attraction.
Round neck biker collar
Shipping $60 for biker jackets
Shipping time 10 to 12 days only for this jacket

Select Size: custom-size-25

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Material: Real Leather


Cyclone Weise Biker Black & Blue Jacket

funky style and patch style leather jackets trend were good but they can be said as an old stuff now dude.The world is changing the time is changing the mind set is changing and the way of clothing is changing around the globe.From our point of view the leather jackets with a tag to wear in a dance night parties is old too now.The best new concept of clothing is stylish new decent biker jackets.Actually the name and you can say a tag to wear biker jackets is not only confined to riders that they have only right to wear like bikers and wear these biker jackets.Its just a name for them like biker jacket but the jacket is similar with ultra new look and style which is in fashion for your body.Cyclone Weise Biker Black & Blue Jacket is the surely the hottest in our new collection cloth features with black blue and white collar that upright collar and patch zip closure in front.The decent looks of this jacket makes it too good now to order !!