Dark Knight Rises Bane Leather Vest

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Hero: Tom Hardy as Bane
Movie: Dark knight rises
Black and brown in color
Body fit vest with belts for fitting and loosing on its chest.
Unique in style and 100 % pure leather?(cow fed).

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Material: Faux -$40


The Dark Knight Rises Bane Leather Vest

Tom Hardy this famous guy is known for his sensational style and his sensational clothing way in movies.His movie The Dark Knight Rises in of those movies which are still at the top of the chart and still high.This dynamic personality has indeed a different way of clothing than other actors of Holly wood.Tom Hardy is wearing this brown authentic leather vest in this movie and undoubtedly was looking stunning while wearing this vest so why should you not getting one like this.

This vest has two front belts on its chest and on its back.and a belt on its vest for fitting purpose ,brown lining through out this jacket gives it an attractive look.

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