David Beckham Black Leather Jacket On Belstaff Launch

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Inspiration: David Becham
Color: Black
Pure leather made
Round neck collar
YKK zipper closure in front away from centre
Zipper pocket style
Vest belt style
Cross zipped pocket
Complete finishing

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Material: Faux -50


Belstaff Launch David Backham Black Jacket

Who ever on the earth do not know about the great football player David Beckham the man of class and style with god gifted hot looks and proving game.The game which marked actually wrote his name among the world of footballers all around globe.The game which made a small normal buy at the top of the chart the game which made all girls around the globe to fall for him so there must be something special or you can say unique about him.Well we famous movie jackets can not get all stuff and unique things about him but yes we can produce the dressing part of David Backham Jacket her through our web site from the name of David Beckham Black Jacket On Belstaff Launch the jacket fills with dynamic colors with round neck collar and YKK away from centre zipper in front for closure purpose and belt on its vest.Get it now.