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Smooth Zipper Closure
Stand Collar
Shoulder Straps
Perfect Fitting
Suede Leather

Material: Suede


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Fast And Furious 9 John Cotton Vest In Suede Leather

While Fast and Furious 9 is still about to be released in May 2020, but its posters and trailers have made a new rage and temptation to watch this movie. The appearance of John Cena has created a buzz all over the world. Since he has made his debut in FF9, all the action thriller movie lovers and even wrestling lovers have gathered on one platform to cheer for his accomplishment. Many celebrity attires have made a superb entry in the fashion industry but this Fast and Furious 9 John
Cena vest has outshone many celebrity outfits. It has the flawlessly classy yet tough look that every man wants to have to stun every other person in the room.

The Fast and Furious 9 John Cena vest is prepared with high-quality suede leather which is a perfect choice to give this stunning vest a rough and tough look. It has a stand-up collar which perfectly goes with the front zipper closure where the wide shoulder straps complement the entire look. It has a soft viscose lining to keep you comfortable all day long along with inside pockets to keep your essentials safe. This vest comes with a different type of design on the waist area that is gun pockets. There are different patches on the vest to make it look more authentic and cool like the original one and it fits perfectly on masculine curves.