Faster Dwayne Johnson (Driver) Black Jacket

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Hero: Dyane Johnson
Movie: Faster
Color: Black jet
Pure leather look
Shirt style collar
Open look in front

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Material: Faux -50


Faster Dwayne Johnson (Driver) Black Jacket

Dyane Johnson who was previously known by the name of rock was a big Wrestling or we can say WWE ,Smack Down legend.He left wrestling and joined Holly Wood for movies some years back and his work in all movies yet is quite interesting and appreciable till now.Wearing and looking like Dyane Johnson is not an easy task now because one thinks to have a build like him.But belief us some jackets are like those which can suits on every young's personality .The jacket shown in above picture of Dyane Johnson is similar to those type of leather jackets which is a magnetic wearing cloth for you now.It has supreme leather quality with jet black cool style making you look masmerizing when you step out like Dyane Johnson is looks in his movie faster.It has shirt style collar giving it a handsome look to one's prsonality.Trust us and look like Dyane Johsan in one click !!