Faster Movie Maggie Grace Lily Black Leather Jacket

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Made from either leather or Faux – choice is yours
Made with finest material
Quilted touch just under the shoulders
Comes with a collar less design
YKK zipper at the front for complete closure
Optimum stitching throughout the jacket
Exact replica
Meticulous craftsmanship

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Color: Brown
Material: Real Leather


Faster Movie Maggie Grace Lily Black Leather Jacket

Have you ever wondered what’s the major different between those who are seen on TV and you? It is not about the beauty of the face rather about how well do you carry your personality. Take example of Maggie Grace, the most stunning part of her personality isn’t her face rather her attire which gets her the attention and make eyeballs rolling! If you want the same for yourself, then you will need to go with her apparel and amongst the best that she is seen wearing, this Faster Movie Maggie Grace Lily Black Leather Jacket is easily at the very top. The jacket is super classy in the sense that it has got absolutely everything, from a collar less design to quilted touch just under the shoulder area. The jacket will help you in improvising your style statement and will definitely give you a boost in the charm that is brought about by your personality. If you want people drooling over you, then this might be the last piece of the jigsaw that you need! So why waste time when you can start being the next fashion diva? Get this jacket right now from Famous and get the attention that you have always craved for!