Fight Club Brad Pitt Red/White Mayhem Jacket

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Hero : Brad Pitt
Movie: Fight Club
Color: Red and white
Upright collar with YKK zipper
Slim Fit sleeves with High quality zip
100% Leather

Material: Faux -$40


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Fight Club Brad Pitt Red/White Mayhem Jacket

Legend Brad Pitt rocked the globe with his attractive and versatile style.His famous movie Fight club is one the top rated movie of Holly Wood in 1999 and still well known among the people.His appearence was classy and unqiue apart from normal style. Leather jackets were not even that much common at that time to wear but yes Brad Pitt gave a new track to those who understand fashion or we can say fashion lovers.This trench jacket is a an approach for making a thing like which is a part of Brad Pitt clothes department. Wearing jackets and styling like him is a unique thing which we are providing you to get. Wearing this red-hot trench leather out fit on your body will surely give a dashing look like Brad Pitt and resemblance with him will be undebatable. So what are you waiting for just grab this quality out fit and wear like a MAN OF STYLE Brad Pitt. Place you order now !