Firefly TV Series Zoe Washburne (Gina) Brown Leather Vest

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TV Series: Firefly
Celebrity: Zoe Washburne as Gina Torres
Color: Brown, Black
Real Leather or In Faux
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Material: Faux -$40


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Gina Firefly TV Series Zoe Washburne Brown Leather Vest

Famous movie jackets present you brown stylish vest, which is worn by Zoe Washburne as gone Torres. We have a wide range of vest and jacket which bought by your own friends, why you doesn't buy it at the very reasonable price. Color is so fine and styles it's in it. Usually, people get confused about choosing the color but this color is suitable for all, no matter what age is and type of dressing this is best for all types. This vest brings you very fine stitching with high-quality material, stylish and decent collar, the plane from the front as well as a backside. Adjustable belts on both sides. Fitted vest, the best part of a vest is that it looks like the shirt with sleeveless but it is the leather piece which will add charm in your dress and make you look smarter. This vest is taken from the drama series Firefly and worn by the most famous celebrity Zoe Washburne. Click it and order it now!