Kawasaki Grey Biker Racing Leather Jacket

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Color: Grey and black
Pure leather made
Comfortable to wear
Harder to find
Zipper closure in front
Round neck up collar
Slim-fit biker style
Safe body in case of accidents
Shipping $60 for biker jackets
Shipping time 10 to 12 days only for this jacket

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Material: Real Leather


Grey Kawasaki Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Kawasaki leather jackets are seriously too famous in the world of bikers of heavy sports bikes or in Harley groups. But most of all who are its love is Sports bikes heavy riders who just want to get one to wear in their groups and street races.

Bikers actually want those jackets which should not only give a good show while riding a bike. But save them and their body chest and bicep parts in case of an accident or injury while they ride bikes. Because bikes are seriously too risky. Well, this is the ultimate world of fashion and bike lovers. This Jacket is purely designed for bikers represents the name of Kawasaki Grey Biker Racing Jacket pure form of elegant style with high decent quality. Full sleeves and an up round collar with slim fit chest closure. Get it once love for life.