Kristen Stewart Balenciaga Quilted Biker Jacket

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Inspiration: Kristen Stewart
Color: Black
Round neck collar
YKK zipping style
Pads for completion
Zipper on sleeves for fitting from arms.

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Material: Faux -$40


Kristen Stewart Balenciaga Quilted Biker Jacket

Incredible new invention for the bikers and jacket lovers.New innovative jacket which you can see in picture is just for your to get dressed as soon as possible.Old versatility is old now, People it is the time to get dressed like celebrities living around you performing around you and posing around you.Yes girls celebrities are like your guide book now and hot look in their personalities are no lesser than an eye catching thing.This pure Balenciaga Leather Jacket was worn by sexy Kristen Stewart which is the total classy representation of fashion and style at the top of rating.

This Kristen Sewart Jacket features with with ultra tech rare leather with zipper closure in front away from centre and zipped front vertical and horizontal jetted pockets with complete finishing way. It has leather pad style on its neck and shoulder which will undoubtedly make you look smart like Kristen Stewart.