Mel Gibson (Martin Riggs) Lethal Weapon 4 Stripes Leather Jacket

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Inspiration: Martin Riggs
Stripes black jacket
Sporty in look
Up style round neck collar
YKK zipper in front for closure
Pure finishing
Awesome replica made.
Cow fed leather

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Material: Faux -55


Lethal Weapon 4 Mel Gibson Stripes Jacket

Martin Riggs style is totally superb and at the top of the chart from years and years.The man who is just a pure attraction and inspiration to be made.The style of versatility and unique is in his personality.The man who is just not charming and attraction but masmerizing too.Adapting him in your personality will never makes you feel any type of regretting feeling for sure.The man and a legend like him comes rarely so just catch up people with famous movie jacket so it must not get that much late or out of time.People here we presents Mel Gibson (Martin Riggs) Lethal Weapon 4 Stripes Jacket the total black and white strip jacket completing round neck collar and YKK zipper in front for closure completing demands and dreams in one.This Mel Gibson Jacket can also be used for sports purpose and style so sports man can also get it.Buy it now.