Slim Fit Multi Pocket Brown Biker Jacket

Sale price$119.00

Product Specifications:

Zig zag front closure
Shirt style collar
Dark brown in color
Multi pockets zipped pockets available
Slim fit look
Easy to wear and comfortable

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Material: Faux -50


Multi Pocket Brown Biker Leather Jacket

Old trendy style full sleeves leather jackets are seriously old now. Designed with old fabric and old urban style making it complete representation of 90s time.But people are still wearing them without caring that what is in or not.Slim Fit Multi Pocket Brown Jacket is a revolution presented by famous movie jackets making it totally dynamic and unique piece that ever came in this market for a normal customer.Its slim fit style is the basic thing of this jacket which makes it a cool complete piece for the wearer without confining him We must say that this leather Slim Fit Multi Pocket Biker Jacket can be worn anywhere and in every kind of parties.It has complete pure stitching with rough strong cow fed leather features with shirt style collar and zipper closure in front which is in zig zag style.Its seriously gonna suit on your personality with t shirts.Order it to get one now from famous movie jackets.Don't think much.