Suzuki Hayabusa White Motorcycle Racing Jacket

Sale price$140.00

Product Specifications:

Material Real Leather
Color: White
Pure quality
Ever green
YKK zipper closure in front
Haya Busa logo in front for perfect style

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Material: Faux -50


Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Suzuki Hayabusa wohoo. The world's fastest ever sports bike designed for street racing. Every young heart is just mad for it and no one can deny this statement that he is not.The feeling of getting on a bike like this cannot be defined by words actually it has no definition.What if you get a Suzuki Hayabusa White Motorcycle Jacket for your bike which will make you look the guy who just have power to catch and seeks every third person's eye balls in just one entrance look without any hesitation.What if you get that thing which performs a work of magnet towards your body.So the desires are here friends we famous movie jackets proudly presents you the above shown Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle Jacket in a total sound price which will be affordable for you too.Its not cheap looking its not funky in look its just a perfect decent cloth made of Round neck slightly V neck collar ,YKK zipper straight closure in front and in pure shiny white color.Get it now!!