Suzuki Motul Icon Motorcycle Leather Jacket

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Product Specifications :

Color: Black
Round neck biker collar
High quality zipper in front
Great luxury
Suzuki logo
Top quality zipper
Pure leather made

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Material: Faux -50


Suzuki Mutol Icon Biker Jacket

The Suzuki, The Kawasaki, and the Ferrari jackets have a huge new collection. The Suzuki leather jackets and famous movie jackets mixed up and comes up with a new trendy jacket Suzuki Motul Icon Motorcycle Jacket which is the old of all but can be called a gold of all because the jacket is overwhelmed and a class style which will make you feel the unique and distinctive in your friends' group. You do not need any new such things which should define you different on a bike or in the party the concept and personality will be the same and pure. The Suzuki Motul Icon Leather Jacket is the pure classy piece for a versatile personality and if it's not it will surely make it versatile. The jacket is a great new thing to add to your wardrobe so do not wait before its too late order it now and enjoy this cloth.