Total Recall Jessica Biel Melina Jacket

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Actress for inspiration: Jessica Biel
Leather brown in color
High neck collar
Button cloth closure in front
Full sleeves
Belts given on sleeves and chest.

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Material: Real Leather


Total Recall Jessica Biel Melina Jacket

Jessica Biel is no lesser than a definition of gorgeous style in her natural god gifted pretty face.She is famous for bringing too glamorous style in this world of fashion and now become a light for a blind women in this art and industry.Her dressing sense and clothing are just totally out of the world giving her a perfect look now.You can get this perfect look too in just one click and be like Jessica Biel because we famous movie jackets proudly presents this versatile Jessica Biel Melina Jacket which is part of glamorous women way of clothing.Women this is the pure diamond chance for you now to get dressed like Jessica Biel in a reasonable price and shine like stars in parties.

This Total Recall Leather Jacket is an apart thing from other which dull brownish shade color and buttons vest style closure in front.It has total high neck collar style which can help you to protect in winters too.Wearing it after parties will give a dashing look to your personality for sure.