Van Damme Until Death Black Leather Jacket

Sale price$129.00

Product Specifications 

Inspiration:Van Damme Until Death Black
Color: Black
Cow fed leather made
Hot in looks
Ever green thing
Shirt style collar
Button closure in front
Four front simple pockets

Material: Faux -$40


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Van Damme Anthony Stowe Leather Jacket

Simple decent jackets like Until Death Van Damme Jacket have simple charm to wear whether you buy anything from here or from the shop you will surely feel that what actually is decent style cloth when you get this Van Damme Until Death Black Jacket the pure and proper of all with fine stitching making and have the power to boost up your personality plus your looks with shining star colors. The jacket is made from pure leather so truly it will be beneficial for winters to wear secondly it has complete bracket style that will simply make your looks and personality inspiring. The Van Damme jacket features with shirt style collar with loose and pure leather made with black in color plus button closure in front for the perfect simple hot look. So get it now before you get late...