Watch Dogs 2 Wrench Dedsec Leather Vest

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Product Specifications:

Color: Pure Black
Material: Real/Faux Leather
Dedsec Logo At The Chest & Back
Type: Vest
Collar: Lapel Style
Style: Studded At Front & Back
Front Button Closure
Pointed Studs On Shoulders
Excellent Stitching

Select Size: XS

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Material: Real Leather


Watch Dogs 2 Wrench Dedsec Leather Vest

Game Crazy people we bring you this stunning WATCH DOGS 2 WRENCH DEDSEC LEATHER VEST which is based on both real and synthetic leather and it has pointed studs on shoulders. So, Wrench Leather Jacket is an incredible fantasy outfit for formal and informal parties. Watch Dogs 2 Wrench Jacket while shows the classic charisma of ingenious ways of making money from crafting fresh equipment. Wrench Watch Dogs 2 Jacket has been appealing to the fashionable individual and his groups. Looking for rocking attire Wrench jacket is the finest selection to look fabulous. Wrench Leather Jacket made up of real leather material with viscose inner lining. Watch Dogs 2 Jacket is designed with sparkling pointed studs all over with shoulder, which rocks. Wrench Jacket is a vest, which can be adjustable with all your clothes.