Yamaha Joe Rocket Blue Motorcycle Racing Jacket

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Shinny sharp blue
Full sleeves
High quality finishing
top class stitching
Luxurious to wear
Comfortable for daily use
Round neck collar
Zipper patch closure in front

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Material: Faux -50


Joe Rocket Yamaha Blue Motorcycle Jacket

Yamaha Jackets are always famous among bikers because of their cool biker style once produced and now its just a trend coming with recent new changes according to the demands of new new people and public with change in time. Yamaha Joe Rocket Blue Motorcycle Racing Jacket is just the addition of trendy styles of Yamaha jackets produced in market since years and years. Yamaha joe rocket blue jacket has a sharp blue color attracting people eyes in just one look making it prominent among all other leather or biker jackets. Comprises of upright collar with patch closure and deep blue color making it more admiring is just because of Yamaha logo in fornt which gives a good biker look to it. Don't wait or hesitate to leave such a good thing from your hands. ORDER it now.