Alex Mercer Prototype Leather Jacket

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Product Specifications 

Inspiration: Alex Mercer
Color :Shiny Leather black
100 %pure leather
YKK zipper in front for closure
Upright collar
supreme stitching technique used

Material: Faux -$40


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Alex Mercer Prototype Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket is when wore are always a source of attraction and wearing a jacket like your desire is pure happiness because the think you wish and watch your hero wearing is always desirable. Yes? then if you need anything like you desires then yes you are at right place. Because we famous movie jackets present all celebrities top style leather jackets for you. Then why should you stop to get one? You must have heard about Phototype or you must have listened about Alex Mercer yes its the classy and a great Game which totally amazed the audience because of its worth and appreciable looks. Keeping all this in front of us we offer you a chance to wear Alex Mercer Jacket which Alex is wearing in this Game so that you can look elegant and versatile in a very short time. This Prototype Jacket is pure of its quality and its just not an ordinary piece of cloth its a one in a million piece which we are giving you. This Jacket will work as a source of attraction for you when you step out. Get this top mesmerizing piece of leather for your physique and look unique.