Barley Lightfoot Onward Vest

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Product Specifications:

Color: Blue
Material: Denim
Front:  Button Closure
Front: Different Logo Attached
Pockets: Two waist pockets
Detailing: Patches & Prints

Select Size: 2XS

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Barley Lightfoot Onward Blue Denim Vest

An American animated movie "Onward" that is trendy nowadays particularly this energized animation film grain has entirely well known among kids, Barley Lightfoot is one of the most featured characters in the film. Presently, Grain Lightfoot Onward on high demand so we get that sizzling vest in our inventory available to buy so that you can have your own grain lightfoot denim vest at a moderate cost.

Blue vintage shading Denim material has utilized for this Barley Lightfoot Onward Vest. It has an enormous shirt-neckline followed by a front catch close. It has two midsection pockets to keep minuscule things in it. Besides, it has patches on numerous sides that look decent.