Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) House M.D Jacket

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Inspiration: Hugh Laurie
Tv series: House M.D.
Color : Black
100% pure leather piece
Cow fed quality
round neck collar
Ykk zipper
1 pocket on chest left

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Material: Faux -50


Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) House M.D Jacket

We famous movie jackets welcome you here in the world of fashion and style. Must have seen the famous TV series House M.D if yes than you most have seen Dr.Gregory or we can say Hugh Laurie. His work is quite appreciable and impressive among audience of theatre and drama. This dynamic personality has indeed a impressive and eye- opener way of clothing and one should go for something like this . This pure authentic leather piece is worn by the legend Hugh Laurie in the tv series House M.D. Resembling like him will obviously give and electrifying look to your handsome personality and you will feel like that the centre light of the event is on you when you enter there. We proudly presents Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) House M.D Leather Jacket which will give four stars to your personality in just one order. Its high quality is undoubtfully impressive and rare.

This leather piece has YKK zipper for closure in front and round neck collar with buckles. Red and white stripes on its sleeves give a decent look to this jacket. So what are you waiting for and wasting time? Do not wait just grab it as soon as possible because it's a limited time offer.