Italian Job Seth Green Distressed Jacket

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Product Specifications 

Inspiration: Seth Green as Lyle
Color: rough brown
Round neck collar
Full sleeves
Two front pockets
YKK zipper in front
Fine stitching
Comfortable to wear in all seasons

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Material: Faux -50


Lyle Seth Green Brown Distressed Jacket

from all over the world. The story was comprised of a robbery of a group of robbers and one of them a bribe and tried to kill all of the partners taking all the stolen gold. The group got together after years and took the revenge from him and paid hard work with dedication skills. The Charlies were the main character of the movie and seth green was one of the crew member.H e showed the powerfull art of his qualities with proving style. I Italian Job Seth Green Distressed Jacket is exactly made from Seth green jacket and making it totally fit for your wardrobe is our craftsman attention. The jacket comprises of rough in style with round neck collar and YKK zipper in front for closure completing two front pockets. Buy it before its late!!