Laura Vandervoort (Elena Michaels) Bitten Bomber Jacket

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Worn by Laura Vandervoort
Made from either leather or Faux – choice is yours
Made with finest material
Optimum stitching throughout the jacket
Exact replica
Meticulous craftsmanship

Color: Same As Image
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Material: Faux -50


Laura Vandervoort (Elena Michaels) Bitten Bomber Jacket

If you haven’t seen “Bitten” so far, then it is highly recommended for you to go and watch it, if not for the show then for this amazing jacket which is right in front of your eyes. The jacket is a masterpiece to say the least and is something that you should definitely have in your wardrobe. This jacket is a piece of outwear that can help you put together a look which is hard to resist and impossible to ignore. Just the way Laura Vandervoort is simply irresistible in the show, you too will have the same impact on your personality all thanks to Laura Vandervoort (Elena Michaels) Bitten Bomber Jacket. This might just be the best buy of this year for you, so why wait? Order this jacket right away from here because, as they say, there’s no place better to get jackets from than the Famous Movie Jackets.