Justin Foley 13 Reasons Why Letterman Jacket For Men

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Product Specifications:

Fleece and Leather
Inner viscose lining
Front pockets
Liberty High Tiger Logo
Rib knitted cuffs, collar, and hemline
Front buttoned closure
Separate color of jacket body and sleeves
Color: Blue and Cream

Material: Fleece Fabric


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13 Reasons Why is a fiction TV series that showcases romance, bullying, and betrayal where the characters played out well. Justin Foley, from one of the most popular web TV series ’13 Reasons Why,’ a popular high school basketball player, portrays a charming personality with a complexed background that mimics his overall
behaviors. His attire was considered to be a symbol of style at that time but this blue letterman jacket left its print on many fashionable men’s hearts.

This blue, black, and camel color jacket is simply something else to have in your wardrobe that speaks style itself. The 13 Reasons Why letterman jacket is crafted from high quality wool fleece along with a smooth viscose lining to grant maximum comfort. On the front left of the chest, there is a tiger and L logo that symbolizes Liberty of Tigers as of the series. On the other hand, different color sleeves make the jacket stand out. The combination of light blue jacket body and cream or camel color sleeves is perfectly beautiful and the contrast blends well when it comes to pleasing the eyes. The front buttoned closure gives a sleek overall look to the jacket while the rebounding cuffs, collar, and hemline with black and white stripes set a nice and neat presentation of your total attire. The slanted style of pockets on each side just slays it with the cream or camel color piping on the outside, touching up the graceful