Man Of Steel Superman Leather Costume Jacket

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Product Specifications :

Leather costume
Superman logo
Blue in color
Handsome giving look
Completely pure leather made
Round neck collar
Slim fitted in looks

Material: Faux -$40


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Superman Cosplay Leather Costume Jacket

Wearing something unique has its own charm for sure. Leather jackets naming biker jacket rider jacket or actor jacket must be making you feel rid of something. That you do not actually want. Actually, the thing is now you do not care what you are getting but you seriously in need of something which should make you prominent among your friends for sure. This needs these attractions makes our hardworking craftsman work harder for you and produce this Man Of Steel Superman Leather Costume the pure leather cloth completing all things in once comprises of dark blue color round neck collar Superman red and yellow logo in front and tight handsome body wear closure making you totally versatile and distinctive now.The need can be surely filled by just one click do it now!!