Mortal Instruments Jamie Campbell Bower Black Jacket

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Inspiration: Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland
Movie: Mortal Instruments
Color: Black, Brown,
Pure leather piece
Button for closure with hoody style
Premium quality
Two front jetted pockets

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Material: Faux -$40


Jamie Campbell Bower Black Jacket

Wearing trendy leather jacket is an old style.One should wear somethig new and unique from where he/she should start style.We famous movie jackets starts style we start and explain the definition of fashion and how to add glamour in your personality.How you should look dashing and new styled rather than wearing those urban styled clothes, you can also get this and a part of our unique fashions by just ordering an placing your order once on our site.

Especially this Leather piece is worn by Jace Wayland in Mortal Instrument. This authentic thing has now been presented to you in leather form. Every single design stitching and color is same as worn by Jamie Campbell Bower in Mortal Instruments. This Jace Black Leather Piece is finely stitched with features comprises of hood, Sided buttons for closure and and deep dark brown leather color with pads on its shoulders with two sided pockets with sleeves and high quality zips on its for fitting purpose.